Most Common Security Guard Interview Questions

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security guard interview
After completing training and earning any license or certification your state may require, you’ll soon face one of the most exciting experiences of working as a security guard – the interview process. While many find this to be an anxiety-inducing experience, if you’re prepared for the interview process, then you’ll find yourself sailing through without an ounce of worry or panic. Much like any other job interview, the more prepared you are, the greater your ability to “wow” the hiring manager and secure a position in this potentially lucrative industry. The following questions have been adapted from Security Guard Training Central as the most commonly asked by security companies and other employers seeking a security guard. Study these questions as part of your security guard training and be prepared to answer these and those that are similar.

Security Guard Interview Questions

The following interview questions are derived from job descriptions and requirements set forth by the human resources department from major security companies. While your interview may not feature all of these questions, many will be similar in terms of extracting similar information.

  • Describe your experience dealing with a previous security role. How did you work within a team environment to solve various problems that arose?

The aforementioned question is one of the most commonly asked within a security guard job interview. If you have no security guard work experience, describe an incident from a previous job or even from an experience encountered within your training program.

  • Have you ever had to deal with a physical assault either on yourself or with someone close with you? If so, what was your involvement in the situation? How did you handle the incident and what would you have done differently?

This is another common question because security guards are often at the forefront of assaults within the property.

  • Describe a moment when you had to deal with a person who was angry. How did you handle the situation? Were you able to diffuse the situation using your words and not physical force? What was the outcome of this situation?

As a security guard, you’ll have to handle a wide array of persons. Unfortunately, not all of these persons will be in a great mood. In fact, you’ll regularly have to deal with those who are angry and irate. Answer carefully, as the hiring manager uses these questions to gauge your ability to deal with individuals who are not thinking clearly.

  • Describe your training experience. What did you feel you excelled at and what areas do you feel are your weaknesses? How do you plan to strengthen these weaknesses?

While your resume should clearly describe your training program, many hiring managers seek to fully understand the level of your training and your own ability to analyze your self-assessments. It’s okay to point out weaknesses. In fact, if you say you don’t have any weaknesses, the hiring manger is likely going to avoid a second interview as this means you are not honest with yourself and with those in an authority position.