Should You Work as a Corporate Security Guard?

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Once you’ve completed training and obtained a state license (if required by your state), you must now begin the job hunt. By now, you’re probably aware almost every industry requires some level of security guard presence. While there are literally hundreds of potential opportunities in most cities, one of the most lucrative – and demanding – security guard jobs is working as a corporate security guard. If you live in a major city, there are bound to be hundreds of large corporations scattered throughout the region. Because of the sensitive nature and importance of these companies – especially headquarters for large businesses – the need for highly trained security guards has never been greater. However, there are several considerations you must make when delving into this career opportunity. After reviewing this article, you’ll hold a greater understanding of whether or not this type of position is an excellent choice for you.

The Security Guard Hiring Process

Unlike many security guard positions, corporate security guards are often hired directly by the company they will be securing. While many other jobs are handled by third party security companies, as a corporate security guard you’ll likely have to meet the training and experience standards set forth by the actual corporation. This means you’ll have to apply directly with the human resources department of the company and meet their unique requirements (along with the requirements set forth by your state).

As many corporate security guards will agree, the hiring process for this position can be drawn out. There are mandatory background checks, criminal background reviews, drug tests and a personality/psychological screening process. If you’re dealing with top secret or corporations who deal in military or government contracts, be prepared for a lengthy hiring process because as a security guard for such corporations you may come in contact with confidential or highly classified materials. It’s not uncommon for a newly hired corporate security guard to have to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their start date.

Locating a Corporate Security Guard Job

So you think working as a corporate security guard may be your ideal career option? If so, there are several methods in securing this type of work. Perhaps the most successful of these methods is gathering a list of all corporations within your region and visiting their websites. Typically, these websites feature a “Career” page, which outlines current job openings. However, in some cases, security guard job positions may not be listed. If this is the case, contact the human resources department for the corporation and discuss their need for a highly trained security guard. You may be referred to a third party; however, this is not likely for many corporations.