The Future of the Security Guard Industry

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future security guard industry

Throughout the past several years, many security companies have begun experimenting with the new age of security technology. From advanced-level security cameras capable of detecting facial features and capturing enhanced details to actual robots, the security industry is moving into the realm of science fiction. While this is a very exciting time for many, what do these alterations mean for security guards? Could it be possible these advancements will push security guards out of a job or reduce the need for human security personnel?

The truth of the matter is we’re still a long way off from having robots steal the jobs away from human security guards; however, the need for highly trained and skilled security guards is on the rise. Gone are the days where a lucrative security guard job can be found with little to no experience. It’s true that due to the advanced security cameras and techniques have eliminated a few security guard jobs. For example, when it used to take 10 security guards to secure a building or premises, not only 8 are needed to accomplish the same goal. While these advancements within this industry have increased the efficiency of such operations, the need for human security guards isn’t going anyway.

Secure Your Career With Advanced Security Guard Training

Although there are several positions that may be eliminated due to the rise in technology, there are no robots or security cameras capable of replacing the full security efficiency of human guards. However, as the proliferation of jobs may dwindle the need for highly trained security guards increases. Therefore, one of the most effective way to secure your career for the future is to enroll in security guard training school, and embark upon the journey towards advanced security training.

Because the security guard industry is moving toward a more technology/digital-heavy avenue, obtaining training as a CCTV operator may be one of the most influential decisions when it comes to safeguarding your future. Along with learning advanced monitoring techniques, you’ll be trained with the latest surveillance equipment, which is extremely beneficial for most security companies.

Consider enhancing your training by taking technique-specific courses, such as close protection techniques and firearm training. The more specialized your skill-set is, the greater your likelihood of securing and maintaining a lucrative and respectable security guard position. As you can see, the most important element when it comes to safeguarding your career as a security guard is enhancing your working knowledge and skill-sets. Like many industries, the only way to progress throughout this career is through continuing your education and striving to work with the changes in this industry, not against them.